This mini site represents the wreck exhibition that i would like to show.
These are different aspects of a full exhibition and each act shows parts of my experiences during the past year.
Each act talks about different sides of this wreckage and expressed in diverse forms and medias.

Animation & Original Sound by Ohad Benit


Ohad Benit an Artist & Designer specializes in conceptual art and design ,experience environment and art product design, researching, developing and producing projects in different fields,
Ranging from concept to product through space design. Dealing with the seam line between art and design in order to stimulate a thorough discussion on the border between the two approaches.
The meeting point between the two serves as a conceptual and experimental source for personal statement and opinion.
Examining the thought processes and intuitive action with emphasis on conceptual message of three dimensions. Searching for the designer's view point of personal context, broad social context and cultural references of the hierarchies of Design_art.

This exhibition translates psychological mood and feelings into form and substance behaviors.
From practical product, to sculptural objects that correspond with the original, but are not necessarily loyal to it.
These are not objects, they are not my handwork.
These do not come to ask for mercy, not thank you, not to remind, not to anger, not to force.

These are the acts of my heart, that chooses to depict reality in all its fragility.

Hope to hear from you

Ohad Benit 

Photo by  Itay Benit

Photo by Itay Benit

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