Questions about time can be troubling.
Recently they have been on my mind.
Throughout our lifetime all of us wonder, or have wondered, or would, or so I imagine:
How much time do I have left? What have I accomplished so far? What is left to do? How will I carry on the years of my life?
Is change coming? Am I a part of the change? Am I on the way? What are my ambitions? Where am I going?

When will I get there?  (Well, this question keeps being asked from the time we learn to speak… Does it count?)

Junctions, junctions, and more junctions, and the clock doesn't stop. It beats like a pulse, like breath itself.

Until it stops. (And then there is a continuous, monotonous sound, rather boring, actually).

But what happened meanwhile?

Does time have meaning? Is it a component of the interaction between this and that and the other?
How much time is in now? Is now the present of now or of later? 
What comes later? What is going to happen? And then? And after that what?

Never-ending questions.

They become especially poignant when something happens, when something is present suddenly,
unexpectedly. It won't let go, not even for a brief moment of respite, of setting things aside. 

A moment! Let me breathe, for God's sake! But the clock, clock-like, ticks on…

I imagined an application that is in the present. 

Now! Now, and time that keeps on going.

As always, there are no answers, but it is only a question of time. 


Each country has an average life expectancy. (The data come from OECD)

Select your country, your gender, and your age
And see your personal countdown. 

Download the free application From the App Store. (Currently available for iPhone only)

Dot mishmaacool 

It is scary, perhaps alarming, or even creepy
(I give you fair warning).

Be honest with yourselves! 

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Design & Animation by  Ohad Benit      I     Programmed App by Roy Reuveni     I     Photos by  Itay Benit

Design & Animation by Ohad Benit     I     Programmed App by Roy Reuveni     I     Photos by Itay Benit

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